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General Questions

Who do we Cater to?

Our focus is health systems but we create customized digital medicine toolkits for providers of all sizes, employers, payers and industry. We look at your unmet needs and do a gap analysis to find apps or digital solutions that best fit your needs. You can also bring to us solutions that you like, and we will integrate them into our RxUniverse Integration and Prescribing Engine.

Do Patients get Charged?

Most of our solutions (speciality specific apps, surveys, links to consumer ranking sites, health education content etc) are free to patients. Some of our carefully screened third party solutions may have premium plans that may include subscription charge for patients. You decide which solutions you want in your digital medicine toolkit.

Are you HIPPA Compliant?

Yes! We comply with all the HIPAA privacy and security provisions and have been vetted through IT departments of health systems. Patient specific data is owned by the prescriber and their practice. We manage data for practices and health systems in secure Cloud through our business associate agreement (BAA).

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