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Responsive Health Celebrates National Nurses Week

Responsive Health Celebrates National Nurses Week

In conjunction with the American Nurses Association’s National Nurses Week, Responsive Health would like to thank all of the dedicated nurses who tirelessly work to provide quality care for patients. 

Nurses provide hands-on care to patients by administering medications, observing and monitoring patient conditions, maintaining records and communicating with doctors. They also provide emotional support to patients and family members, educate patients on disease management and medical conditions, as well as provide information on home care after a patient’s clinical treatment.

While members of the Responsive Health team visited hospitals and health systems to outline the benefits of the RxUniverse Digital Medicine platform, they were sure to speak with nurses to get their thoughts on Digital Medicine. Nurses in the field consistently touched on two themes; their passion for providing quality care for patients and the role they believed Digital Medicine could play in providing higher quality care. Nurses strongly felt Responsive Health’s Digital Medicine would be a critical asset in nearly every facet of their daily responsibilities.

Nurses loved that RxUniverse literally puts healthcare into the hands of patients, driving patient engagement and allowing their nursing teams to increase health results even after patients have left the hospital.

Apps in the RxUniverse platform extend care beyond the clinical setting by helping patients monitor their health conditions at home. For patients using Digital Medicine, a doctor or nurse’s care is not finished at the end of an office visit. Engaging a patient’s health on a continuous basis makes it easier to discuss their health concerns with a nurse when they arrive at the medical clinic.

Nurses across health systems are eager to implement Digital Medicine. Patients who are using Digital Medicine solutions are better able to manage their health, which aids nurses in their work by helping patients lead happier and healthier lives.

At Responsive Health, we’re forever thankful to nurses for their passion and dedication to their patients. We’ll continue to bring Digital Medicine solutions to health systems, allowing nurses to care for patients at the highest standards!